Koda, my furry pillow.

I am an award-winning author and lover of words. I can usually be found in the corner reading, snuggled up with one of my furry friends. Or hiking the Bruce Trail. I might also be meditating or stretching it out to a yoga routine. Anything is a possibility.

A passionate person by nature, I seek to understand why we do what we do. Observation is an involuntary compulsion. I see the band-aid in your shoe, the long strand of blond hair on the sleeve of your your sweater, and make up stories about how they might have gotten there and why you should want to know.

I’ve been an English teacher, school librarian, tutor, magazine editor and university instructor. Most days I continue to be a combination of these things, though I’m adding skills and experiences all the time. I love re-inventing myself, morphing into whatever comes next.

I’m either writing, thinking about writing or helping someone with their writing. Writing is my constant, always at the centre of whatever I’m doing. Just the way I like it.